Set Five Goals Now

This is a great exercise to do right now. Write down five goals you want to accomplish by the end of the year. Take out a piece of paper and write these goals down now. Write them in pen or pencil. Do not use a computer of any kind. By physically writing these goals, they are being implanted in your subconscious mind. A great deal of literature on success often highlights the role of the subconscious mind. Your five goals should look something like this:

1. Learn seven new surahs from the Quran
2. Loose 15 lbs
3. Spend quality time with family
4. Be on time to work daily
5. Save $2,500.00 in my emergency fund

After you have written these, then write them again. This time write them as if you have already accomplished them. For example,

1. I have learned seven new surahs from the Quran.
2. I have lost 15lbs
3. I have spent quality time with my family this past year
4. I was on time to work on a daily basis
5. I have saved $2,500 in my emergency fund

When you write you goals in the present tense, you are projecting yourself forward and looking back. One of the many qualities of highly successful people is (basirah) vision. Vision is when you can look into the future and see yourself as you want to be. Then work backwards from that point. Again the power of the subconscious is important here. Spend time everyday working on these goals. Ask yourself; “Now that I have set these goals and envisioned myself as having already accomplished them, how did I accomplish them?” What steps did I take EVERYDAY that led to my success in these areas?

Now lets apply the Pareto Principle here. The Pareto Principle simply means that 20% of your activity determines 80% of your success. That first 20% is the most important and gives you momentum and leaves you with a great sense of accomplishment. So now write you goals again in pen on paper!

1. Learn seven new surahs from the Quran
2. Loose 15 lbs
3. Spend quality time with family
4. Be on time to work daily
5. Save $2,500.00 in my emergency fund

When you look at these five goals, 20% of 5 are approx ONE goal. So what one goal amongst these five will give you the greatest sense of accomplishment when completed? What ONE goal here will give you momentum for the next year insha Allah? It is very important that you CIRCLE the goal here that YOU feel is important. Not the goal that you think is someone else would want from you. Lets say you decide to circle number five. You circle number five because you have been gripped with debt and desperately need an emergency fund. With Allah’s help, you envision that at the end of the year, when you have saved $2,500 in your emergency fund that you will feel great and have some cushion in your finances insha Allah. You must continue to focus on the other goals too! However, number 5 becomes the most urgent goal for the year. Perhaps next year goal number one will be the most urgent.


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